Xaar 126/50 Printhead

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Xaar 126/50 printheadRemarks: OriginalDescription:The Xaar 126 offers a robust and versatile binary inkjet solution for indoor graphics and outdoor si..

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Xaar 126/50 printhead

Remarks: Original


The Xaar 126 offers a robust and versatile binary inkjet solution for indoor graphics and outdoor signage as well as coding of secondary packaging.  Compatible with UV, solvent-based and oil-based inks, the Xaar 126 printhead is available in three drop volume variants (35 pL, 50 pL and 80 pL). This printhead supports programmable waveforms allowing for tuning of jetting performance for a wide variety of fluids.


All-round performance

• Robust and cost effective solution

• Up to 9.0 kHz firing frequencies

• UV, solvent-based and oil-based ink capable.

Maximum print quality

• 185 dpi (native) printhead resolution

• Maintains drop size uniformity and placement accuracy

• Available in three drop size variants (35 pL, 50 pL and 80 pL).


• Internal surge control mechanism to ensure consistent drop size which results in excellent image quality;

• Programmable electronics offer advanced control logic functions to enable better tuning and control of different ink;

characteristics to streamline the printing process, resulting in optimised ink performance and print quality.

Light weight

Built with extremely light aluminum chassis to offer cost and speed advantages in print engine design.

Integration and maintenance

• Easy to set up and integrate with a solid chassis, unique mounting brackets and built-in alignment features;

• Inlet and outlet ports which simplify filling and flushing to reduce setup time and maximise operational efficiencies.


Algotex Rainbow 250 / Rainbow 325, Aprint 330 Speedy / Vinylking 160, Azon UV 1600 FR, Graphtec SignJet Pro JS300, Sun New Drakar / New Drakar Pro, Yaselan Picasso YSL-D1600FBUV


The Xaar 126 offers a robust and quality-driven printhead available in 3 drop sizes which are optimised for highly efficient coverage of large areas and for longer viewing distances.  The Xaar 126 printhead is perfect for the following applications:

• Wide-format graphics

• UV-specialist graphics

• Coding & marking

• Indoor signage

• Outdoor graphics

• Outer-case printing.